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"Threats, Opportunities of New Trends" - Coverage in Auto Parts Asia - 2nd Anniversary Issue, June 2017, page nos. 56, 57 & 58.
"We are on track to achieve ₹5,500-cr topline by 2018-19" - Coverage in "The Hindu Business Line" dated 20th June 2017, page no.5.
Coverage of RBL,Trichy in Auto Parts Asia magazine March 2017 edition, page nos.32 to 36.
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Rane Holdings Limited
Rane Engine Valve Limited
Rane (Madras) Limited
Rane Brake Lining Limited
Rane TRW Steering Systems Private Limited
Rane NSK Steering Systems Private Limited

Kar Mobiles Division
JMA Rane Marketing Limited
Rane Holdings America Inc
Rane Auto Parts
Rane Precision Die Casting Inc.

Steering & Suspension Systems
Valve Train Components
Friction Material Products
Occupant Safety Systems
Die Casting Products
Aftermarket Products

Rane Holdings Limited
Rane (Madras) Limited
Rane Engine Valve Limited
Rane Brake Lining Limited