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Kar Mobiles DivisionKar Mobiles
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  • Established in 1974
  • 2 Manufacturing locations
  • Market leader in India
  • Worldwide exports
  • Applications :
    • Marine Applications
    • Locomotives
    • Diesel Engines
    • Battle Tanks
    • Tractors & Automobile Industry
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  • Production of quality valves for internal combustion engines commenced in 1974
  • Global excellence in product and process technologies
  • Preferred supplier to OEMs
  • Caters to a wide variety of industries
  • Specialises in supply of valves to manufacturers of large engines
  • Our valves find applications in Mirrless Blackstone, Pielstick, Ruston and Wartsila Diesel Engines
  • First Indian company to become a vendor partner to General Motors


Wide range of product technologies for:

  • Sear Hard facing through PTA with Triballoy - to withstand thermal and corrosion - used for CNG & Other fuels.
  • Inconel and Nimonic 80A valves for Locomotive and Marine - to withstand hot corrosion.
  • Hard Chrome plated / Nitride / Sursulf valves for improved fatigue properties on nickel base super alloys.
  • Valves for Heavy Duty Diesel Engine with flat seat - to withstand high peak firing pressure.

R & D Capabilities

  • In - house test laboratory for Material characterization
  • CAD / CAE capability for Thermal, Structural & Fatigue analysis


  • Kar Mobiles Division has 2 world class manufacturing plants in Bangalore & Tumkur


  • State of the art management systems
  • Manufacturing facilities are TS 16949 2nd Edition certified
  • ISO 14001 certification for environment management practices
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Rane Holdings Limited
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Rane Engine Valve Limited
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